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ww-logo_smallIs your business in need of a flexible, scalable platform to deliver multimedia content to a variety of output channels – both in print and online? Is improving security and accountability an issue you need to look into? Or do you want to increase your productivity without compromising quality?

Whether your business is producing newspapers, magazines, books, annual reports or online content, WoodWing’s Enterprise System has you covered. While the Enterprise server is running in the background as the backbone of your publishing process, your content producers, editors, photographers and managers can use our user-friendly Content Station application to perform all daily tasks, ranging from content planning to final publication.

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Enterprise Server takes care of the logic of WoodWing’s publishing system – Enterprise. It’s responsible for your workflow, access rights, versioning and secure storage of content. Enterprise Server orchestrates the publishing process for all channels – print, Web, social media, mobile and tablet. And, it also integrates with virtually any external system, further expanding the system’s capabilities.

Enterprise Server guarantees your staff only has access to relevant content and features. This is achieved by a granular system of access rights for users and groups. To assure that no step in your workflow is skipped, pre-defined steps can be specified for images, text and more. An auto-routing mechanism allows files to be automatically assigned to users that should be working on them next.

No more missing or messed-up files, and no more old versions of documents that get published. Enterprise Server safely stores your content in the database and keeps track of all changes made. When needed, you can revert to a previous version and compare documents to see who changed what and when. You can rest assured you’ll always be using the right version.

Enterprise Server allows integrated page-planning systems unrestricted access to the publishing system. A page-planning system can add pages, plan editorial content, and update your page numbering. Also, it can reserve space for advertisements and place them automatically. This is just one example of our best-of-breed approach.

Because all data is stored in a database, it’s easy to search and retrieve any content. Enterprise Server can store large amounts of assets. For high-speed searching, it has been integrated with the Apache SOLR search engine. It’s also possible to obtain search results from external systems. On top of that, Enterprise Server keeps track of all changes made, allowing status reports to be generated from the database.

Enterprise Server enables users to access all your content from within InDesign and InCopy through our Smart Connection panel. Conveniently search and browse, open layouts, place images, save versions, and route documents to other users according to your pre-defined workflow. InCopy users can write articles in parallel with designers working on the corresponding page layouts.


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Plan, create, manage and publish your content without having to leave the Content Station interface.

Content Station is an application designed to help content producers create, edit, manage and publish all types of files regardless of their destined output. With Content Station it’s possible to think and work in a story-centric way. There’s no need to worry about the complexities of interfacing different systems – that’s being taken care of by Enterprise in the background. Content is collected in dossiers and can be scheduled for publication selectively.

Content Station also allows users to directly search and download content from external third-party respositories like Fotoware databases, Reuters online systems, and more. All this comes from the Enterprise publishing system’s revolutionary data sources feature, allowing users to interact with external systems as if they were inside your working environment.

Users can access the Enterprise publishing system via a simple Web browser with the exact same interface as the desktop version. This means no extra software to maintain on client computers! Also, using one and the same interface will save you special training for your staff. The Web version provides external contributors the exact same feeling as if they’re working in the office.

The Publication Overview in Content Station lets managers and editors keep an eye on the progress of the print edition, complete with the ability to approve pages and write Sticky Notes that are visible to page designers, all without InDesign.

Content Station was built to work hand in hand with Enterprise’s server plugins and content sources architecture. Browse, search, and import content from other repositories or digital asset management systems without leaving the Content Station interface. Integration with WoodWing’s Smart Catalog provides powerful automatic formatting rules.

Most modern systems require editors and managers to contact a special Web team to post content online or to have to learn an entirely separate Web content management system with its own quirks and technology. Content Station offers preview, publish, and unpublish buttons to directly send articles and other media to Web content management systems.

Written with Adobe Flex and running on AIR, Content Station utilizes some of the latest technologies available on the Web. Capable of running on a desktop or in a Web browser, achieve cross-platform flexibility without sacrificing performance or compromising the user experience.

Other vendors call XML support “multichannel publishing”. Enterprise uses dedicated publishing engines for each channel, interfacing with other systems as needed to provide the output required.

Using dossiers, editors and managers can plan content packages with files for print, online, and other mediums. A handy Planning tool shows all brands in the system and their scheduled outputs (sometimes referred to as issues). Dossier Templates allow users to drag pre-formatted content packages, complete with tasks and sample resources, into a scheduled output to quickly build a content plan.


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