What is AMPP?

AMPP stands for the Aysling Marketing Partner Program, a group of software and marketing service providers located across the nation aimed at supporting clients from all industries, with onboarding and supporting the Aysling ERP platform; while providing their own creative and professional services.


Benefits of AMPP

Upon successful onboarding, Aysling Partners receive an abundance of benefits, aimed at increasing their growth, as well as that of their clients. Below are just a few of the many benefits of being part of AMPP.

In-Person Training

The staff at Aysling has led bi-monthly week-long training and onboarding seminars for years at their Ann Arbor office, and understand the importance of in-person training and system setup.

Software Discounts

If you’re selling Aysling, we hope that you’re using the Aysling platform. As we always say, we eat our own dog food, and we make it as easy as possible for our partners to use the platform.

Commission Incentives

We understand that you have your own finances that you need to focus on, that’s why we have a highly competitive commission structure for your growth, while you refer Aysling to your clients.

Interested in learning more?

Looking to join AMPP? Or perhaps you’re looking for an agency to help get onboarded with Aysling. Either way, click the button below and send us an email directly, and we’ll chat with you about AMPP.

Learn More

Aysling Marketing Platform

Interested to learn how Aysling will help you manage your agency? Already have a toolbox of solutions aimed at various departments in your organization? Learn how Aysling will help integrate all of your processes into one cloud-based system.

Lead Generation

Manage your entire lead generation process in one system. With customized Web Forms, a robust CRM, Automation Engine, and nearly endless custom reports, you have all of the tools necessary to manage your entire lead generation pipeline.

Order Management

Most CRMs can effectively manage the relationship between your agency and your clients; however, they fail with order management. With Aysling, create proposals, invoices, and collect payments all within our platform. Track all touch points with your clients.

Back-Office Management

Beyond sales and marketing, Aysling offers the tools necessary to replace many of your existing project management, administration, freelancer management tools. Have a necessary tool? We have an API, Zapier integration and dozens of integrations.

Want to see a demo?

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