The All-in-One Professional Services Automation Plaform

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Sales CRM

Time Management

Project Management

Order Management

Sales Forecasts

Vendor Management

Accounts Receivable

Workflow Automation

Accounts Payable

Labor Tracking

Lead Generation

Expense Management

Service Support Tickets

Call & Email Campaigns 

Client and Vendor Portals

Ecommerce Storefront

Event Management

Event Ticketing & Check-In

Dozens of Integrations

Brand Customization

Robust Help Center & Support

A Software Toolbox

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Aysling is meant to replace a large majority of your tools that you’re currently using now, that aren’t communicating with each other. Why have a CRM that doesn’t allow you to submit orders? Or a Project Management system that doesn’t have individual portals for your employees, clients, and vendors? It didn’t make sense to us, which is why we created Aysling.

Effective Pricing

There are a lot of PSA platforms out there, and most of them come with hidden pricing, additional costs, and tend to restrict your growth with additional fees. Our pricing model is very simple, it includes what you see and if there are additional features you’d like, you can actually fund the change to our system to fit your direct needs. How many other software platforms are willing to change their software for your specific needs?

Highly-Rated Support

Although Aysling is a newer platform on the market, our company is not new to the SaaS industry. For years we have successfully managed our media publisher specific platform, MagHub. With thousands of users located across the globe, our product is known for our remarkable customer support. We offer leading edge tools, resources, and methods to assist our users with implementation, onboarding, and general usage.