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Approve Vendor Invoices

Once your vendor has a recorded invoice in your system, your team can approve the invoice for payment. Your users must have permission to approve and pay an invoice. You can also have users place an invoice on hold.

  • Go to Payables > Invoice Approvals to approve or deny Vendor Invoices
    • To approve invoices, you must have access to invoice approvals
  • Invoices will go through different stages of approval
    • Finance: Final step of approval before the invoice can be paid
    • To Be Paid: Approved invoices that are open for payment
  • You can Deny an invoice during approval
    • You must have the Deny permission
    • Once you deny an invoice, you can’t reinstate the invoice
  • You can place an invoice On Hold
    • Place an invoice on is hold will prevent an approved invoice from being paid
    • A user can release the On Hold status to allow a user to pay the invoice