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Record a Vendor Invoice

Once your purchase order is fulfilled and your vendor wants payment, you can record their invoices in your system and match the invoice to the purchase order.

  • You must have an approved purchase order in the system in order to record a new invoice
  • Select the vendor and then select from a list of available purchase orders
  • Once you select a purchase order, you will see all of the line items on the purchase order
  • Select the line items that match the purchase
    • You must add a quantity and an amount
    • The quantity and amount most be equal or less then the amount of the purchase order
  • The system will total the amounts
    • The amount of the invoice must be equal or less to the value of the purchase order
  • Upload a PDF to go along with the invoice record
  • You can also record an invoice from the Vendor Submitted Invoice page
  • Your Vendors’ invoice is now in the system and ready for approval and payment