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Set up Payment Accounts and Record Payments

You can record your Vendor payments to your accounts. You can record credit card, check, or ACH payments. Set up a payment account inside of the system and record a payment to any finance approved invoice.

  • Go to Settings Icon > Payment Accounts  
  • Click the +Add New Account button 
  • Name the new account, select a type, enter in all required information
    • There are multiple types of account.: ACH, Cash, Check, Credit Credit Wire Transfer
  • Once you have a payment account set up, go to the Invoices > Invoice Approval and flick on to-be-paid invoices tab
  • Click on the ellipses next to the invoice you wish to record and select Record Payment
  • In the Record Payment popup, select the Account, enter in a note, and enter in a transaction number, then click Record
  • You can find all your payment records in the AP Payment Report