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Add a New Vendor and Vendor Contact

One of the first things you want to do in the system is to create a new Vendor and Vendor Contact. You need to create a Vendor and at least one Vendor Contact to start creating purchase orders and assigning Vendors to projects.

  • Start by going to Vendors > Add Vendor
    • You must add a name, vendor type, and address
    • The EIN / Tax ID field is required by default, but you can go to Settings > Configuration Settings and disable the requirement
  • You can go to Dynamic Attributes to add an additional field to your vendor record
    • For example, you may want to add a field to rate your vendor or rank your Vendors by preference: first, second, third, etc.
  • Once you have a New Vendor in the system, you must add at least one Vendor Contact before you can start creating POs
    • The Vendor Contact could be an employee you want to assign a project task to or the person you need to have approve the purchase order and submit an invoice
    • You have as many Vendor Contacts on a Vendor as you want
  • Go to Settings > Vendor Contact to create the person
    • You should have at least one Vendor before creating a contact
  • Each Vendor Contact requires a vendor contact type, vendor, name, and email address
  • You can also upload an application and W9 for your records
    • If you don’t want some users to view this information, you can update their permission and uncheck Access Vendor Contact Applications
  • Once you have a Vendor and Vendor Contact created, they can go to yoursite.apps.aysling.com/vendors to login into their Vendor Center Account
    • They can go into to view POs, upload invoices, manage time, and update their account
  • Click on Send Email to your vendor contact
    • You can click on the contact’s email address to link to view Vendor Center