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Send Vendor Login Information for Vendor Center

Every Vendor Contact has access to a Vendor Center account. Your Vendor Contacts can use Vendor Center to approve purchase orders, upload invoices, view upcoming tasks, and update timesheets. A Vendor can access Vendor Center using their email or set up a username.

  • If a Vendor Contact needs help accessing their portal, go to the Vendor Contact page to assist
    • There is a Vendor Center Information element on the page, which includes a link to Vendor Center, a reset password action, and a way to send a person their login information
    • You can click on the Vendor Contact’s email to link to the portal
  • If a Vendor Contact has never been to Vendor Center, click on send email and they will receive an email with a link to Vendor Center with login information
    • You can modify the email
    • You can also send a reset password email by clicking on reset password
  • Your Vendor Center url is yoursitename.apps.aysling/vendors