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Add Vendors to a Project

You can associate vendor(s) and purchase order(s) with a project. Vendor Contacts can then be assigned tasks, add time to tasks, and participate in discussions. You can also associate fixed cost items to project tasks to track all of your project expenses. 

  • Go to Projects > Add Project or edit an existing project.
  • Associate Vendor(s), Vendor Contact(s), and PO(s) with a Project using the multiselects on the Add Project popup select a Vendor(s) and Purchase Order(s) to associate with the new project  
  • Once a vendor is assigned to a project, you can add vendor contacts as participates:
    • On the project overview tab, click the ellipses in the Project Participants box to add vendor contact(s)
    • If you have a PO tied to the project, you can add a rate based PO line item to the vendor contact to track their hourly, weekly, or monthly expense
    • You can only associate one rate to a contact
  • Once a vendor contact is added to a project, they can be included in Project Discussions and assigned Tasks 
  • To include a vendor contact in project discussions:
    • Go to Discussions tab on project page 
    • Click Create New Discussion 
    • Click to check the box next to “Include Vendor Contacts in this Discussion” 
  • To assign a task to a vendor contact:
    • Click on the ellipses next to the project task and select Edit Participants 
    • In the popup, select the vendor contact from the dropdown menu to assign them to that project task
  • You can also add new Vendors and Purchase Orders to existing projects:
    • Navigate to Projects > My Projects, then click on the ellipses next to an existing project in the system 
    • From the action menu, select Edit Project then follow the same steps as above to associate a Vendor and PO to the project in the popup