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Managing your Tasks, Milestones, and Notes


The Milestones tab of the Project Details page is where you can create milestones by which to group your project tasks. For example, you may want to complete your project in phases, in which case your milestones could be Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, etc. Follow the steps outlined below to create milestones.  

  • Click Create New Milestone in the top right-hand corner of the Milestones tab 
  • Fill in the empty fields on the Add Milestone popup: Name, End Date, and Description 
  • Continue this process to add as many milestones as needed for your project


The Tasks tab of the Project Details page displays a table of project tasks and details such as depends on, hours, priority, assigned to, start and end date, assigned milestone, status, and percent complete. The Tasks tab also has a button to view the project in a Gantt Chart. To add tasks to the project, follow the steps outlined below:  

  • Click Add a Task in the top right-hand corner of the Tasks tab
  • Fill in the empty fields on the Add New Task popup
    • Users and Vendor Contacts assigned to the project can be assigned to tasks
    • You must create milestones first in order to assign one to a new task  
    • Once a task is assigned to someone, Vendor Contacts can log time towards their tasks within Vendor Center  
  • Continue this process to add as many tasks as needed for your project 

Files, Discussions, and Notes 

Within the Project Details page, there are also individual tabs for Files, Discussions, and Notes. Follow the steps below to utilize these items in your project planning:  

  • On the File tab, click Add File to upload files pertinent to your project. Within the popup, select if you’d like to email the file to people on the project and if you’d like to make it visible to Vendor Contacts 
  • On the Discussions tab, click Create New Discussion to add a discussion to your project 
  • On the Add Discussion popup, give your discussion a name and description and select if you’d like it to be visible to Vendor Contacts  If selected, Vendor Contacts will be able to see and participate in project discussions through Vendor Center  
  • On the Notes tab, click Add Note to add a note to your project
  • On the Add Note popup, type in your note and click Save 
    • The system will capture the User and Created Date  
  • Once you’ve saved your note, you can click the ellipsis next to your note to edit or delete