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Add and Manage Project and Task Statuses

Create project and task statuses.  Use your project statuses to better manage the health and progress of your open projects.

  • Create new project statuses by going to Settings > Project Statuses
  • Name each status and set the color you want to see on the project search report
    • You can set one of your statuses to the system default for all new projects and require a user to enter a note stating the reason for the status change
  • You can set the status when creating a new project and update the status when editing your projects to update your status
  • View the history of your projects in the project status history report
  • If you want to know why a project or task is assigned a certain status, review the project notes
  • To set up task statuses:
    • Go to Settings > Project Task Statuses
    • Click on +Add Task Status and assign a name and color to your new status
    • You can choose to have a default status, meaning that any new task will start with the default status
  • You can assign a status to any task or subtask on your project