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Project Task Dependencies

The projects module supports dependencies within project tasks. Specifically, you can employ both Start-to-Start dependencies and End-to-Start dependencies in their projects. Dependencies can be implemented across tasks and within sub-tasks of a parent task. To use this feature in one of your existing projects, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Go to Projects > My Projects
  • Select an existing project to which you’d like to add a dependency
  • Click on the ellipse next to a task, and select Edit Task
  • To implement an End-Start dependency, use the multi-select under “End-Start Predecessor” to select a task for this task to be dependent on. When you set a task to depend on the End of another task, the dependent task’s start and end dates will update
    • For example, my Build task is dependent on completing my Design task. My SOW Task is set to end on 4/14. When I make my Build task have an End-Start Predecessor of Design, the system will update the Build start date to 4/15.
  • The Start-to-Start Predecessor will update a dependents task to have the same date as the task it depends on
    • For example, now that Build is dependent to Design and Builds start date updated to 4/15, you can make Launch depend on the start of Build by making a start-to-start dependency. The Launch start date will change to the same start date as Build.
  • You can also make sub-tasks dependent on each other, as long as they belong to the same parent task
    • However, you can’t create an End-to-Start dependency that will set a sub-task due date outside of the parent task date