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Create and Manage a Purchase Order

Create a new purchase order to keep track of your expenses. Before you create a new purchase order, make sure to set up your purchase order template, class, groups, and accounts. You must also have at least one vendor record.

  • Go to Payables > Create Purchase Order
  • The system will set the PO number to the next number in your sequence, but you can override the number if needed
  • You will need to select a purchase order template and class
    • The class will determine what expense accounts and items you can add to your purchase order
  • The Bill From field is for you to enter the Vendor who will supply the goods or services
    • You vendor must have at least one contact
  • The Bill To field is for you to select your organization and office where the goods will be shipped, or the services will be provided
    • The system will use the office contact for display purposes on the purchase order template
  • Set your Order Date, Expected Receipt of goods/service, and Expiration Date
  • You can create predefined items for your purchase orders or create new items for each purchase order
    • All items must be tied to expense groups and accounts tied to your selected class
    • Once you add an item, you will not be able to change the Class of the Purchase order
  • Add any notes to the purchase order you want your vendor to see on the template
  • Once you create the purchase order, the purchase order status will either be requested, if you don’t have approval permission, or approved
    • If the item is requested, another user must approve the PO before it goes to a Vendor
  • You can clone a previous purchase order:
    • Go to one of your purchase orders and click on the action icon
    • The system will replicate all the PO information and generate a new PO number
  • You can also cancel a PO by going to the actions icon and click on Cancel