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Purchase Order Template

You can set up a template for purchase orders. The template will be used to create a PDF of your purchase order.

  • Go to the Settings Icon > Purchase Order Templates
  • Click on create a new purchase order template
  • There are multiple fields you can leverage for your purchase order templates:
    • Bill From: Shows the Vendor’s relevant information. You can include the Vendor ID, Vendor Name, Name, and Address. The Name is the Vendor Contacts name.
    • Bill To: Shows your publisher and office information. You can include Company Name, Office Name, Office Address, Office Contact Name, Office Contact Phone, and Office Contact Email.
    • Ship To: Shows your publisher and office information.
    • Date: Created Date of the PO
    • Expected Receipt: When you expected to receive the Vendor’s goods and services.
    • Expiration Date: Date when the PO will become expired.
    • Heading: Label you can put on your PO.
    • HTML Text: You can use the HTML Text field to add your terms & conditions or other text to your PO.
    • Image: Use to add your logo.
    • Line Items: The line items table include the name of the item, description, QTY, Unit Price, and Total. You must have at least one item on a purchase order.
    • Notes: The notes field will display any notes a user enters into the notes field when creating the purchase order.
    • Page Break: Use the page break to create a new PDF page. You may want to use the page break and then add your terms and conditions.
    • PO Info: PO info includes the requestor(PO Created), requestor number, payment terms, and PO number.
    • PO Number: Your purchase order number.
  • Use the settings to update the name and date format for your purchase order