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Purchase Order Approval Process

Before you start creating purchase orders for your vendors, you can set up an approval process.  You can create an approval process for each class in your system.  The approval process requires internal approval on POs over a certain amount.

  • You can set up your the Settings Icon >  Approval Process
  • You must have a class set up to leverage the approval process
  • If you don’t set up any approval process than all POs will be internally approved as soon as they are created
    • Only create a workflow process if you want POs to go through an internal review process or want to limit the value of a PO for some users
  • There can be four levels of approval for a PO:
    • When you set a limit and a user, all purchase orders below the limit must be approved by that user
    • For example: If you set a limit of 5000 and a user, any PO under 5000 must be approved by that user. If the user creates the PO, it will automatically be approved.
  • Any PO created above 5000 must have another person and level of approval
  • When the approver logs in, they will see a list of purchase requests on their home page
  • They can click on the PO to view all the details and mark it as approved