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Purchase Order Statuses

There are multiple statuses for your purchase orders. You can use the purchase order search to fine purchase orders by their status.

  • Requested: A purchase order for an amount above the allowed limit for your user. A requested PO will get emailed to the user who does have the ability to approve the PO. The user can click on PO and use the actions to approve it.
  • Pending: A user will see a pending purchase order if they have the ability to approve a requested PO
  • Approved: Any purchase order that is approved by a user
  • Awaiting Vendor Approval: Any purchase approved in your system, but not yet approved by the Vendor. The Vendor must approve the purchase order in Vendor Center or upload an invoice.
  • Rejected: An approved purchase order that a Vendor Contact rejected through Vendor Center. The Vendor Contact must add reason when rejecting a PO.
  • Cancelled: A purchase order that was canceled by a user. You can not undo a canceled purchase order. You will have to create a new purchase order.
  • Awaiting Fulfillment: An approved purchase order where work or goods have not been received
  • Fulfilled: An approved purchase order where work or goods have been delivered
  • Expired: A purchase order that has gone past its expiration date without being fulfilled