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AP Aging Report

The AP Aging Report shows you any outstanding invoices you have for your Vendors. Invoices must be approved to be paid before they will display in the AP Aging report.

  • You must have permission to view the report
  • You can find the Sales By Product Report by going to Reports and clicking on AP Aging Report
  • You can filter the report to find orders based on Vendor, PO Number, Invoice and Invoice Due Date range
  • The report display will break up the aging in buckets based on vendor
    • The system will display the Vendor name, which links to the Vendor Details
  • The table of open invoices will display the following information:
    • Customer Invoice Number: The invoice number the Vendor entered when submitting their invoices
    • PO Number: The PO number associated with the invoice
    • Invoice Date: The original invoice date
    • Due Date: The due date of the invoice
    • Current: Shows a value for any invoices with a due date that is not past due
    • 1-30: Shows a value for invoices that are between 1 and 30 days past due
    • 31-60: Shows a value for invoices that are between 31 and 60 days past due
    • 61-90: Shows a value for invoices that are between 61 and 90 days past due
    • 91+: Shows a value for invoices that are over 90 days old
  • You can export and generate a PDF of the report