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AP Payments Report

The PO line item report shows you all of the items, custom or pre-defined, you have purchased from your vendors.

  • You must have permission to view the report
  • You can find the PO Line Item Report by going to Reports > Finance and clicking on the PO Line Item Report
  • You can filter the report to find items by Vendor, Class, Items, Group, Account, Item Type, and Status
  • The report display will show you every item you have on all of your purchase orders
  • The table of open invoices will display the following information:
    • Vendor: The name of the Vendor is a link to view the Vendor Details page
    • PO Number: The PO number associated with the items
    • Item Name: The name of the item which comes from the item set up page or the name entered for any custom item
    • Status: The status of the PO the item is on
    • Class: The class associated with the PO
    • Account: The account name associated with the line item
    • Group: The group name associated with the line item
    • QTY: How many of each item was purchased on the PO
    • Item Type: Whether the item is purchased by unit or by time
  • You can export and generate a PDF of the report