In this new blog series, get to know the Aysling team on a more personal basis. Every other week, you’ll be introduced to a new team member of the Aysling | MagHub team. It’s likely you’ve talked to a few of us, or perhaps have seen our work; however, how well do you really know us? Well, here’s your chance. Each Aysling employee was provided a custom caricature, created by our very own, Ed Abrams, New Business Development at MagHub.

Are you ready to learn more about the Aysling team on a more personal level? Here we go! For our maiden voyage, get to learn more about one of our newer hires, Zach Gilbert, Director of Marketing (as he’s writing this in third person).

What’s your name?

Zach Gilbert

What is your job title at Aysling?

Director of Marketing

So what does that mean you actually do?

Immerse myself in a lot of public facing tasks, and find myself writing a lot (such as this survey).

How long have you worked at Aysling?

1 Year and 2 Months

What is your favorite thing about working at Aysling?

Getting the opportunity to work with a lot of different brands, from magazine publishers that I see on the racks, to candy companies in other states. I like the fresh finds, and new faces. Plus we have Bubble Hockey, so that’s a perk.

What is/was your favorite magazine publication?

Game Informer, hands down. Though, I was a huge fan of Nintendo Power as well.

If you had to publish your own magazine, what would it be about?

I would probably say it’d be marketing/professional oriented, or perhaps a niche arcade publication.

What is the one piece of software you cannot live without?


What is your favorite season?


If you could live in any movie/television show, which one would it be? And why?

LOST, I feel like I would fit in well with the Dharma Initiative.

Board, Card, or Video Games?

All of the above.

Favorite type of sandwich?

Cubano (Ham, Swiss, Mustard, and Pickles).

Interesting fact about yourself?

Oooh that’s challenging. Hmm I would have to say that most people find it interesting that I did not have the internet, phones, or any-type of cable TV outside of one PBS channel until I moved out at 16 years old; and the fact that I ended up in Digital Marketing. That might not be that interesting on its own, but when you factor in my age (not too oldish), most people end up thinking I was Amish (second interesting fact: my neighbors were).

And finally, what is your favorite quote/lyric (movie, television show, song, or inspirational)?

So I have two:

“It’s easy to sweep off dusty bridges, but it’s hard to rebuild burnt ones.”

– Me

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities”

– Bruce Lee

Well there you have it, the introductory Aysling Team Spotlight article! We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and stay tuned, because in two weeks you’ll learn more than you’ll probably ever want to about your Tom’s Tips Podcast star, Aysling Product Manager, Tom Bellen!

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