What are Trigger Events? A trigger event is an occurrence that opens the door for a sales opportunity. These events aren’t going to totally take over outbound prospecting, but they’ll certainly help you fill a bigger pipeline.

Even if you’re brand new in sales, you’re probably going to start nodding your head because these events are going to make a lot of sense. Here are some examples:

  1. A contact gets a new job with new company or gets a promotion
  2. Office expansion to new location or new building
  3. New product or service announcement
  4. New legislation related to your customer’s industry
  5. Recent Funding or IPO
  6. New Critical Jobs Posted on LinkedIn/Glassdoor
  7. Recent or Upcoming Mergers and Acquisitions

All of these can be found online through various PR sites, but LinkedIn is my best source of trigger events. Because the social network is user driven, the data is very close to accurate. Make sure you enable notifications and follow all of your customer/prospect pages.

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