You own a law firm: can’t automate a lawyer’s expertise, education and training.

Or you own a software/IT or engineering services firm and when it comes to automation in businesses, you can’t automate your engineer’s experience and skills, either.

But you can automate pretty much all other aspects of your business with the help of professional services automation software.

What is professional services automation (PSA)?

Basically, a PSA helps your business with its all-important billing, accounting, HR/payroll, project management tasks, and more. It’s especially appropriate for professional services firms such as law firms, accountants, marketing/advertising agencies, etc. – any enterprise that offers professional assistance – in which services provided are complex in nature.

A PSA can help you see payments and income go out and arrive more quickly, avoid lost revenue and overall help you enjoy a more robust bottom line.

Automate it all (well, most of it)

While professional services automation software can’t really automate all of the moving parts of your business, it can pretty much do so for a large portion of your daily tasks.

  • Manage your client and prospect relationships with the platform’s CRM.
  • Sync that CRM with order and subscription management.
  • Join workflow management with project management, labor tracking, and more.
  • Follow employee/contractor work from assignment, to delivery, to invoicing/time sheet transmission, to payment. (All of these steps can be done in the Aysling PSA.)
  • Integrate the tools you already may use: QuickBooks Online, Zapier, Twillio, and more.

Über-easy automation for all departments

Accounting, payroll and HR aren’t the only ones who can join the fun: marketing, sales, order fulfillment, support, subscriptions (as applicable), event management, etc. can all enjoy Aysling’s automation capabilities.

Create workflows for all departments and teams, helping them manage employees/contractors, vendors, clients, projects, and more. Integrate workflows with Mandrill and Slack. Create team incentives/contests to get the friendly competition parties started.

Clients and vendors also can enjoy Aysling’s capabilities as you have the ability to provide them with as much access to the PSA modules as you decide they need. Vendors can upload invoices, employees can upload time sheets, clients can approve specifications, etc.

All of it integrated into one platform.

(Including task reminders. Even the most efficient among us need reminding help every now and then.)

Automate the everyday tasks, leaving room for vision, creativity and high-level work

How much money could a business save if automation took over critical but mundane tasks? How does up to $4 million annually sound? That’s the amount a 2017 Forbes article predicted a “hypothetical” Fortune 500 company could save in a year if employees – from clerks to the CEO – could shave just two to three hours a day from not doing certain tasks, leaving them time to sink their teeth into high-level work, the kind that can transform a business.

No more filling out timesheets. No more equipment shortages (as Aysling can also help you plan out needed resources over weeks and months), no more downtime while you wait for a client’s approval on a project (the client can look at the scope of work agreement within the PSA and electronically sign approval), and so on.

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