According to surveys, one out of every five businesses is using spreadsheets such as Microsoft’s Excel, to help run their business. They see the value of data, but spreadsheets have become an outdated way of visualizing and sharing that data. 

What’s the problem with a spreadsheet?

With a spreadsheet, you cannot always see important data.

 A spreadsheet shows you all of the raw data at one time, which can make it difficult to spot what is important and what’s not. You miss the forest for the trees.

They can also be hard to analyze. Because there is so much data, it is easy to misinterpret. Also, spreadsheets aren’t designed to store data from the past, so it becomes difficult to spot trends.

On top of all that, it’s hard to share a spreadsheet among many different team members.

Spreadsheets just give you a snapshot; they are not flexible enough to capture how things are changing over time, or enable collaboration among workers. They are limiting – they limit the vision and forecasting of company leadership.

A PSA system such as Aysling is flexible enough to give you what a spreadsheet cannot

It can handle payments, reporting, HR and freelancer management. And it can work for a startup to a mature company. 

It’s less complicated than a database, but because of that, more nimble. Many of these databases that store large amounts of information are hard to set up properly, maintain and work with. And they are expensive.

But Aysling can do so much more than act as a spreadsheet replacement, and do it all on one cloud-based platform

You can use it to run your entire business – it has a sales CRM with order management and a project management module. It does labor tracking, subscription management, service ticketing, workflow automation, billing, and more. Plus, there are many integrations you can use with Aysling. And you have greater security. You can decide who gets to access the data and what data they get to see.

Aysling’s vendor management system can help you manage all of your back office operations

A system like Aysling lets you handle all of your vendors and contractors in one place. And the information can be accessible to everyone or only to selected people. You can pay vendors and freelancers automatically and record invoices. You can even do things like arrange your freelancers according to a selected trait, such as skill set or reliability. Invoices and payment history are all together in one place.

Once you have created a purchase order, you can keep track of the whole approval process that follows. People can create purchase orders with as many line items as they want. Vendors can see exactly what you are buying and what you are paying for it. Vendors can approve or reject the orders right away. After delivery of the product or service, you can move it to invoicing at the touch of a button.

If you want to check when you bought a particular item, the Aysling vendor management service enables you to do a quick search. You wouldn’t have to sort through a pile of spreadsheets if you were using them to record your purchases.

The Aysling system also has a project management module to help you organize and keep track of projects

You can record them in as much detail as you want – including tasks, notes, milestones, deadlines, and anything else you want to add.

So ditch those spreadsheets. Spreadsheet replacement is easy with Aysling’s dedicated team of developers, who can help you move your data onto our system. We have multiple importers and integrations to help with data migration. 

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