You already know the answer to “what is an ERP?” don’t you? Enterprise resource planning is a practice that businesses use to oversee all the critical parts of their business, thereby enabling them to run the company with a single system. Which means the company has a great chance of running more efficiently and profitably.

An ERP software system, therefore, is the tool companies use to manage all of the planning, purchasing, marketing/sales, finance/HR, and other critical parts of running a business. It is, in a nutshell, the “glue” that binds all the different parts of business management together, allowing all parts of a business to – basically — know and understand what each department does, why it does it, how it does, and when it does it.

But what is Aysling ERP?

We make managing an ERP simple. Unlike some ERP providers, using Aysling doesn’t require certification: our ERP is easy and intuitive to use and can be up and running in hours or days, not weeks (We do provide training, of course!)

What’s more – and this is where we truly shine – we’re also a hearty CRM, one that our clients use as a lead generation and marketing automation tool to great effect, helping them not only manage their business, but grow it.

All of your company’s departments come to have a deep understanding
of all of your other departments.

Aysling allows everyone (or whomever you designate) to understand what’s going on company-wide because all information about finance, distribution, HR, production, marketing, sales, etc. are linked. Will production team members need to ramp up efforts in a week or so because your sales team has had a terrific last couple of weeks? They’ll know.

You’ll eliminate expensive duplicate and even incompatible technology,
with the consequent – and considerable – savings to your budgets.

Think about it: HR does not need everything in an ATS; payroll does not need an expensive payroll service. Accounting does not need every feature within QuickBooks; sales does not need Salesforce. (Important note: some of our clients still use their beloved software tools because many of these external tools integrate with Aysling, including QuickBooks Online).

The Aysling ERP streamlines all touchpoints between you and your employees/contractors
and your employees and your customers/vendors.

All of your back-office tasks and processes can be managed in Aysling, from hiring, firing, taking on contractors, payroll, accounting, finance/administration, and more.

All of your marketing and subsequent sales tasks can be handled inside the ERP, from attracting prospects to your website, capturing them as bona fide leads, converting them into customers, and retaining them long-term (keeping in contact and making sure you continue to deliver the services/products you promise).

Want to know if you have a product in stock? Aysling will know. Need to know when to order new product? Aysling will know. Want to know how many new customers you gained this month and/or how many you lost? Aysling will tell you.

What is Aysling ERP? It’s THE tool that helps your company operate as a truly well-integrated enterprise.

You know how it is when your car runs smoothly – you get where you want to go safely and quickly. When something breaks down? You either can’t go (in the case of a flat tire or engine malfunction) or – in the case of a minor issue such as a window that no longer rolls up or down – your trip becomes uncomfortable.

Aysling ERP helps all the parts your company run smoothly, “as one.”

Learn more about how we can help you enjoy the ride – and get where you want to go faster – with Aysling.

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