You run a Law firm. Or a Software or IT group.  Or an Advertising or PR agency.

You have 15 cases on the docket. Or 13 IT projects coming up. Or 25 websites that need to be completed in three months.

Which means you experience many services being performed by many employees and/or contractors. Lots of bills to pay and invoices to send. Perhaps even some financing details you need to shore up prior to starting on any of your many projects.

In short, you need an enterprise resource planner to run your business.

Yet because your enterprise is nothing without customers and no customers appear without marketing and sales, your professional services business also needs a good customer relationship management program, or CRM for short.

Aysling offers both in one platform!

An ERP such as Aysling is a cloud-based software platform that lets you use its system of integrated applications to manage your business. What’s more – and this is one of the best parts of the platform – an ERP lets you automate many of your company’s back-office functions such as HR, technology, and the services you provide.

Aysling is built specifically for professional services providers, such as ourselves. It’s designed to manage your projects (your clients’ as well as those for your own company); track time, expenses/finances; aid you in management of your HR functions and processes; and – of course – help you in your resource planning (hiring more people, ordering needed equipment as demand picks up, scheduling needed equipment repairs, etc.).

Yet Aysling also includes a smart CRM module, one that is as robust as any standalone CRM platform available today. It gives you all the tools you need to practically ensure that your marketing and sales efforts are successful.

Client management made easy

ERP solutions typically are designed to oversee a company’s resources: employees, finances, equipment, buildings, etc. But is your company viable without clients? No clients, no employees. No clients, no finances to worry about (except not being able to pay bills). No clients, no need for office space or building a headquarters. No clients, no need to purchase or repair equipment, and so on.

Frankly, we feel ERP solutions SHOULD come with client relationship management capabilities.

Yet until they do, there’s Aysling!

Marketing and selling your business services should not have to be done by “switching” back and forth between two different software platforms. Instead, Aysling’s ERP allows you to create custom data fields, navigate pages, and integrate with customer service and marketing outreach tools such as Gmail, Outlook, Twilio, and Clearbit.

Bottom line: Aysling’s built-in CRM is a core difference between its resource planning capabilities and any other ERP on the market: plan and execute your client management and marketing in one place.

With Aysling you can:

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