Let the power of Aysling’s CRM and workflow/marketing automation tools work for you in two ways:

  1. As a robust enterprise resource planning tool to help you run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible and
  2. As a bona fide profit center when you provide Aysling onboarding and support services to your clients, helping them grow and operate their businesses while you enjoy additional revenue.

Introducing the Aysling Marketing Partner Program (AMPP)

AMPP will see you joining other marketing and software services providers across the U.S. as they support all types of businesses in their use of the Aysling ERP. 

Whether you’re a marketing agency, graphic design firm, consulting enterprise, a publisher or just about any other type of service provider and you use Aysling to manage your office, you know the Aysling CRM like the back of your hand. You’ve no doubt noticed how much easier it is to run your business and keep your clients happy.

Why not can spread the Aysling joy around to your own clients, helping them be more efficient in their own operations, allowing them to grow their bottom – all the while growing your own

If you know that your clients are using (or looking into) Salesforce, HubSpot or Pardot (and are tearing their hair out with these platform’s complexity and cost), they’re great candidates to use Aysling themselves.

Additional benefits to joining AMPP

Once you’ve become part of the AMPP family you’ll receive help in setting up your onboarding/support services program for clients with in-person training from Aysling’s highly experienced trainers, discounts on the Aysling software itself and – of course! – a highly competitive commission structure so that you’ll earn an excellent ROI on the time you spend referring Aysling to your clients and then supporting them in their own use of our ERP platform.

And, of course, you continue to provide them with the professional and/or creative services for which they first engaged you.

Are you a HubSpot, Salesforce or Pardot user? An unhappy user?

What if you could manage your leads, sales, finance department, billing, HR, accounting, resource planning, et al at a much more forgiving price? What if your clients could do so also at a price point far lower than the more well-known – but not necessarily better – platforms available today?

Do you talk to your clients about their own ERPs and CRMs? Do you think they might find the opportunity to use a platform that’s less expensive and as effective attractive? Particularly if they will have on-going personal support from a trusted vendor (that would be you)?

Whether you offer marketing, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, construction, software consulting, or other professional services, if you use Aysling yourself (and you should!) you can easily sell it to and offer support services to your clients!

Want to learn more about how becoming a part of the AMPP can help you and your own clients? Learn more.

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