When it comes to digital technology, we more than likely think of things getting done extremely quickly. Overnight! In an hour! Heck, in 15 minutes!

But this speed can mean we lose in something really important: the human touch. In fact, as a culture we’ve started missing it so much that consumers – and that includes your customers – are starting to clamor for a more personal – that is, contact with real people – experience in all interactions with you, whether that’s online or in-person.

Plus, if your business is in the service industry, whether that be a law firm, doctor’s office, accounting business, retail, restaurant, and so on, if you’re slow, you’re dead! 

Your customers’ expectations have changed when it comes to their customer experience.

They want easy, quick and personal responses to their needs and questions. Yet humans can be slow, too slow for your customers’ elevated expectations and that can hurt you.

So, what’s your missing link? Nimbleness!

Let us explain:

What we mean by nimbleness isn’t responding at the speed of light (via a chat bot) but responding to a customer’s questions with thought.

As an example, rather than having exacting requirements of, say, your customer service representatives in handling customer requests and questions in a step-by-step manner as prescribed by strict instructions, nimbleness means your customer rep team members will work in self-managed teams that follow guidelines (not rules), allowing them to pivot and turn as needed depending on a customer’s needs.

In short: your company follows an approach to service that’s rigorous on the inside but appears agile and receptive to your clients/customers.

This type of customer orientation allows your operations to exceed customer expectations, building emotional and personal connections with them. Guidelines need to be fully thought out, of course. You’ll also need to hire multi-skilled employees, cultivate a culture of trust and caring, and empower employees to make decisions and judgements on their own.

The key to nimble employees?

The right technology. And that right technology must be made available to employees, allowing them direct access to its platform and systems.

Aysling’s enterprise resources planning solution allows your workers to see who’s working on what, what’s going on in billing (for billing CSRs), where are marketers in marketing projects, here has this lead come from for your sales reps, and so on. 

They’ll be able to see – and access – it all.

Just some of the Aysling’s benefits include:

  • The ability to track and monitor sales and marketing lead generation.
  • Your sales managers will be able to forecast sales numbers, follow leads, send invoices, etc.
  • Marketers will be able to automate some of the more tedious – yet critical – marketing tasks such as newsletter distribution, social media updates, and more.
  • Even your clients and vendors will be able to check on their contracts, invoices, payments, and more.
  • You’ll be able to see what resources you have available for a project coming up, allowing you to find more, if needed.

Multiple industries can up their nimble game with Aysling.

Aysling is used by digital marketing agencies, multi-media and graphic design firms, technical consulting companies and creators of custom software program (we use it ourselves, of course!), publishers (online and print), event managers, business services (attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, etc.), mechanical and industrial engineers.

In other words, if your business sells some type of service, Aysling allows you to give your own customers that all-important human touch, while providing the service they expect from you quickly.

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