So you’re looking at purchasing a professional services ERP. You’re excited: Finally! We can run our entire business on one platform!

And then you think: Oh, we use QuickBooks Online! We’ll have to give it up! But we LOVE QuickBooks Online!

Have no fear; you can keep it!

At least you can if you use the Aysling ERP, because our cloud-based platform integrates easily with the ever-so-popular accounting, billing and invoicing finance software.

We provide you with a dedicated integration that allows you and your team members to keep QuickBooks Online. As in, keep it operational because while we do have a finance/accounting module in Aysling, we know well the deep love so many companies have for QuickBooks Online. We aim to please – of course! – and so our ERP can seamlessly connect to QBO. You’ll be able to work in Aysling and access any feature of your beloved accounting platform that you wish, allowing you to leverage for the things that QBO can’t do.

Oh, the things you’ll be able to do with the Aysling/QuickBooks Online integration!

  • Sync QBO accounting and payments to Aysling. (Important note: the platform allows for just one QBO company connection at a time.)
  • Aysling’s dedicated QBO integration lets your employees – even contractors, if you want to give them access – to do everything from processing and making payments (all within the system). You also can integrate invoices HR time sheets and even perform time tracking while working in QBO/Aysling.
  • Imagine exporting data for invoices, companies with which you work, payments, purchase orders, as well as accounts payable payments. The platform then can generate a CSV file in different formats that you can then import into your accounting software. This is what the dreams of accounting and finance pros are made of:
    • Create general ledger exports for sales, payments and accounts receivable.
    • Get the details on invoices, payments, purchase orders and accounts payable.
    • Export data directly into QuickBooks Online.

What about just using QuickBooks Online as an ERP?

That’s an excellent question and while that could work, QBO does have its limits, particularly as your business grows not just in size but in capabilities. The more complex your service offerings become, the more you’re going to need to take your business to the next level.

And getting to that next level more than likely means you’ll need a more robust business management solution, such as an ERP,  because such systems increase administrative visibility. And that means the ability to make good business decisions and take advantage of new opportunities more quickly.

Helping you keep track of industry regulations

More importantly, if the industries your professional services business serves are those that are heavily regulated, you’re going to need to meet certain quality and legal standards. An ERP can help you with audit tools, electronic signature capabilities, document control, etc., ensuring that your services always adhere to high-level regulation compliance.

Basically, QBO is a terrific tool to manage your company’s income and sales, prepare for tax season, run payroll, etc., while an ERP allows you to handle all aspects of your company’s operations, not just its finances.

Learn more about how you can integrate all that you love about QuickBooks Online with the power of the robust Aysling ERP.

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