Aysling’s Enterprise Resource Planning platform means you can manage every department in your company… with ease. Aysling’s digital marketing services means we’ll help you get highly targeted leads… with ease.

Wait. What? Did we just say “Aysling’s digital marketing services”? Why, yes. Yes, we did!

Introducing Aysling’s new digital marketing services!

This just in: we’ve decided to pair the incredible power of the Aysling ERP to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency as well as our own marketing savvy and experience to bring you a complete solution to your need to grow your business.

We’re talking complete (as in italicized and in boldface): our digital marketing offerings will use the Aysling enterprise resource planning platform to manage all of your company’s departments, everything from vendor, contractor and employee management; finance/accounting; project management; data reporting; and more.

As for marketing, we’ll create custom automation workflows, email templates that get opened, web forms that help you capture highly targeted leads, routing paths that move prospects through your lead generation pipeline/the buyer’s journey, and more.

We can create:

  1. Websites
  2. Landing pages that convert
  3. Custom branded email designs, workflows and web forms that bring in new leads
  4. Drip campaigns
  5. Content that engages and informs (white papers, blog posts, case studies, etc.)
  6. And more

Managing your ENTIRE Business via ONE platform!

Engaging us to help you acquire highly target sales leads means we’ll be using the Aysling ERP/CRM ourselves to deliver our marketing services. Here’s why this is so absolutely terrific: 

  • The Aysling platform is built around an incredibly robust client relationship management tool. With it, we can integrate tools such as Twilio, Clearbit, Gmail, Outlook, and more. Members of your sales team will have all the tools they’ll need for success – right in the very tool we’re using to market your services!
  • Aysling’s automation capabilities work for all of your company’s departments, and especially so when it comes to marketing: you’ll be able to see project updates, sales notifications, email campaign results, and more, all within Aysling’s powerful system.
  • While we’ll focus on your digital marketing, Aysling helps all of your company’s departments do their work efficiently. Billing, finance, HR, vendors/contractors, administrators – they all benefit from the incredible power of Aysling’s business suite of tools.

What if….

  • What if your sales team members could reach out to your leads with Aysling’s direct call-to-email function?
  • What if you could manage proposals, signed orders and more with prospects and clients?
  • What if your finance/administration staff members could process payments within one system (with a dedicated QuickBooks Online integration)?
  • What if your employees and contractors could upload their time sheets, projects, invoices with ease?
  • What if your new clients could be onboarded quickly, with all their information in one spot?
  • What if your marketers could send specific lead generation emails automatically, at certain times, depending on where a prospect is in their buyer’s journey with you?

Finally, what if ONE PLATFORM could support it ALL for you?

Everything!! Back office. Human resources. Sales. Project management. Order management. Data reporting.

How would your company change if you didn’t have to go out and find different programs/services to run the various parts of your business?

We imagine it would thrive.

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