Generating quotes. It’s the name of the game when it comes to bidding on projects. You need to do it quickly and accurately (in your prospect’s eyes), yet it can be a time consuming process. You want it to look professional, yet you have to balance it against other constraints involved in running your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put together a professional looking quote quickly and accurately? With Aysling’s PSA platform you can put together automated, professional looking quotes much faster than any manual process.

Here are a few of the things our PSA software lets you do to save time and effort in creating your proposals.

Create Templates

With Aysling, you can build just about any kind of template you want, with an array of personalized options. They can be reused for different clients and prospects. You can customize the template to fit your needs, such as using the company logo and other branding features. Not only do these customized features make your quotes distinctive, they save you a lot of time.

Plus, the template allows you to whiz through the details, like addresses and line items, filling in various fields with the needed information automatically. All you have to do then is hit the send button.

Begin by putting together one or more types of templates that work for your PSA platform and for your clients and the types of procurement and payment processes they use. This will give you the building blocks you need to create quotes and invoices in the future.  

Our sales software enables you to automate things like pricing discounts, so you can keep your profit margins strong and consistent.

Send the Proposal

Aysling’s CRM platform enables you to send your proposal to your contact in practically no time at all. That’s because our CRM is among the most adaptable and easy to use. Pages are easy to navigate, fields are customizable, and integration with other applications is a snap. It can manage the entire process, from prospect to client and every order along the way.

Our CRM also links easily with a number of different software tools such as Gmail, Twilio, Clearbit , and Outlook.

Your sales team members can pull information about customers from the CRM to put together quotes and tailor information that applies to each account. As a result, your sales people can easily see what is happening with each customer, as well as when they opened the quotes. You can see how the proposal is progressing, such as viewing the page last seen and approved.


What’s more, the Aysling CRM system lets you follow up with calls, emails and text messages, as well as automatically logging everything. Our system lets you automate reminders.

Proposal to Order

Once the proposal is approved, it takes just a few more clicks to send an order. Aysling also lets your customers sign contracts and documents – and send their payments – digitally.

Order to Projects

The contract is signed and you are ready to start the project. Aysling’s project management software lets you do everything from assigning tasks and marking milestones to setting up your team, managing time and expenses, managing vendors and reporting. 

Project management statistics show just how important good project management software can be in cost efficiency.

For example, two-thirds of companies that use project management software completed customer projects within budget, compared to just half of those who did not use any kind of project management software.

Companies that put together project management frameworks save almost 30 times the amount of money than those who have no such procedures in place.  

Finally, almost half of the companies that use project management software say it has been crucial to the accuracy of cost estimates.

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