What if your HR and finance departments could look at all timesheets, expenses and project (time spent) information in one place and then with a few clicks ensure all billing and invoicing is done quickly and properly?

Of course you can! Many invoicing/project management software solutions provide this type of see-everything-in-one-place software platform.

But what if you could automate all the viewing, checking and invoicing?

The Aysling Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform does.

It can run your entire B2B enterprise. And when we say “entire,” we mean everything.  Contractors to employees. Project management (to getting paid by clients for the services you provide that require project management). Invoices to payments. AP to AR. Employee benefits to contractor assignments.

If you offer some sort of membership or subscription services, and/or if you offer events and conferences, Aysling is your all-in-one-tool as it offers subscription order management, ticketing tools and more.

Our online SRP platform can help you with workflow automation, helping you plan ahead for ebbs and flows in your resource needs.

Managing employee and contractor timesheets/invoices


HR and finance often work with different software. The Aysling PSP allows these departments to see exactly what the other is doing in real time. Make payments to vendors and contractors exactly when you pay employees.

The platform allows accounting and human resources clerks to sync up payroll and payments via a quick and robust QuickBooks Online integration. Employees and contractors can download time sheets into Aysling themselves, allowing your HR/accounting team members to not only pay them quickly (a HUGE perk for freelancers) but to also (coagulate) confirm labor expenses to the very week or even day.

As just one example of how this can help you drill down expenses and ascertain your bottom line long before a project is complete, let’s say that you needed to add a couple of contractors to a project for three weeks that you hadn’t anticipated. Yet you can’t charge your client more. How much did the payments to these professionals affect your projected overall profit? 

Projects change constantly: see the changes coming


Project management is….complicated. An enterprise can have all its people in place ready to go and then….everything changes.

A robust online SRP can help you anticipate changes heading your way. Has a supplier been late with shipments by three days each month for the past three months? You’re on it. In a multi-year project, you notice in January that there was a shortage of a certain needed WHAT around spring for the last two years, so you start looking for additional channels or vendors ASAP.

An eagle’s eye view of your employee and contractor management needs


Employees often are one of the largest – if not the largest – costs to a company. Timesheets, expense sheets, projects therefore constantly need to be monitored, paid and reconciled.

Employees and contractors also come and go, sometimes quickly.

Not only can your employees and contractors upload projects into Aysling, they also can upload timesheets/invoices themselves. HR then can use Aysling’s vendor management module to manage invoices and payments.

Project managers can monitor employee and freelancers’ work. Are deliverables produced on time? Does one freelancer provide better work than another? Aysling lets you rate their work, allowing you to pick and choose who gets what assignments.

Help your HR and finance departments manage the important paperwork that keep a business running smoothly


Learn more about how the Aysling Professional Services Platform can help your enterprise manage all of its critical back office needs.

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