Do you publish a newsletter, magazine or even newspaper online or off? If you use an ERP (which you should), do you use the MagHub CRM/ERP cloud-based software solution? (Which you also should.)

For one thing, MagHub’s users has grown into the thousands globally, probably because it’s the only CRM/ERP created specifically for the print and digital publishing industry.

And one more reason why – among many – that you should use MagHub; Aysling, an all-in-one professional services platform for B2B companies, actually was built to manage Maghub.

Full disclosure before we go much further: Aysling and MagHub are owned by the same company, Aysling.

And that solves the “mystery” as to why Aysling was made to manage Maghub, because we just knew you were dying to know; and why we are talking about a media publishing tool on the Aysling website.

Here’s how software companies can use the Aysling’s SaaS platform for B2B SaaS groups

Software companies need to manage clients and users, and Aysling has a robust client relationship management module.

The Aysling CRM component is one of the easiest to implement available. We’ve used many CRM solutions ourselves in the past, and it was always frustrating that it took far too long to input prospect and client information into most CRMs.

Aysling’s CRM module is easy to navigate, customize fields, and so on. Also setting up integrations with other platforms such as Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, Twilio, and Clearbit is very easy.

Aysling’s workflow automation capabilities will make your life. So. Much. Easier.

Automation has been getting a lot of bad press lately – jobs will be lost – but automation’s true purpose is to take the abject drudgery of so many tasks off or your plate. And once they are, your whole world opens up! You’ll have to time to plan out a great release, create effective email campaigns, respond to tickets quickly, and onboard users effectively.

How, because Aysling’s workflow automation capabilities can help you manage/automate sales, projects, services, support, and even marketing administration tasks. What’s more, Aysling’s Slack and Mailchimp/Mandrill integrations help you create workflows that actually work.

Software developers love to develop. Dealing with finance and administration? Not as much.

And that’s why Aysling’s finance and administration module helps you manage time sheets, employees/contractors; paying employees, freelancers and vendors; accepting payments from clients and subscribers easily. This module integrates with QuickBooks Online and offers you invoices, time sheets, time tracking, and much more to help you take care of all the “back office” work so that you can do what you love most: develop!

What is a Software & IT enterprise but a huge project with many moving parts?

And someone has to make sure they all “move well” together and “match up.” This is why the project management module of the Aysling ERP for SaaS can be of great use for software groups. For example, custom development projects often have several people working on several different aspect of the business: salespeople selling, graphic artists designing, developers developing. Aysling’s project management capabilities help software groups track time, tasks, discussions, deadlines and more.

Probably nothing is more important in an ERP for SaaS than data management.

You have no doubt said (or heard) many times “embrace the data!” And with that embrace comes a delight in reports generated by data. Aysling integrates with Metabase and also features its own Data Warehouse that allows its users to create any number of any kind of reports they may need based on the data in their system. And that’s in addition to the dozens of reports we already created for our clients within the system.

Now that you have learned how Aysling manages MagHub’s SaaS and Custom Development projects, learn how it can help your business manage its growing user base, churn rates, and service and support related tasks today. Click the button below and learn more about Aysling today.

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